Document Name: RFC 8147
Document URI: urn:ietf:rfc:8147
Online Version:
Organization: Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
Series: Request for Comments (RFC)
Abstract: This document describes how to use IP-based emergency services mechanisms to support the next generation of the Pan-European in-vehicle emergency call service defined under the eSafety initiative of the European Commission (generally referred to as "eCall"). eCall is a standardized and mandated system for a special form of emergency calls placed by vehicles, providing real-time communications and an integrated set of related data. This document also registers MIME media types and an Emergency Call Data Type for the eCall vehicle data and metadata/control data, and an INFO package to enable carrying this data in SIP INFO requests. Although this specification is designed to meet the requirements of next-generation Pan-European eCall (NG-eCall), it is specified generically such that the technology can be reused or extended to suit requirements across jurisdictions.

Specified Web Concepts:

Media Types

application/EmergencyCallData.Control+xml , application/EmergencyCallData.eCall.MSD

XML Namespaces


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