As suggested in Github Issue #25 a little while ago, it is useful to have hackable URIs. So far, the pattern of URIs for concepts and individual values was as follows:

  • (notice the plural)

While this made some sense, it also meant that URIs were not hackable, i.e. you could not simply take, remove the value GET, and retrieve the list of all HTTP methods.

As of today, this has changed. The new URI patterns look as follows:

If you only use the Web site, this change only means that you’ll be navigating different URIs; all of the navigation remains the same.

If you have been using JSON data (of all concepts, one concept, or one value), then both the content of the JSON has changed (as per the changes mentioned above: new URIs for concepts and values), as well as the URIs of the JSON (for the per-concept and per-value JSON). The new JSON URI patterns are as follows:

Sincere apologies to everybody affected by this change! I will try to keep those URIs stable in the future. One possible exception: While things get changed around, it also might be appropriate to move the site and all URIs from HTTP to HTTPS? Any feedback about this would be greatly appreciated!.