Admittedly, it’s not exactly Web Concept’s anniversary today. Looking at the history, it started a little more than a year ago (and was based on a project that had existed quite a while before that). But when fixing the long-standing HTML5 issue today, I realized that the site has had its anniversary recently, and that fixing the issue brought it past 700 concept values. Also, HTML5 was the 250th specification to be added, which is another nice milestone.

So, this is just a brief “Happy Birthday (sort of)” to Web Concepts, and also a big “Thank you!” to everybody who contributed and helped the site to get where it is today. It gets updated very regularly, and if you feel like having a closer look or maybe even contributing yourself, just head over to the GitHub repository.

Here are the two big plans for the future of Web Concepts, and if you have an interest in either of them, please get in touch, and we should definitely talk!

  1. There should be guidance of how to fork and customize Web concepts. Customization might mean removing specifications that you are not interested in, adding ones that aren’t in there, or adding completely new concepts that matter for your API landscape, but may not be relevant for the “Open Web Landscape” that the main site is representing. That way, API teams can easily build their own Web concepts as a way to documents which vocabulary matters to them when it comes to Web concepts.

  2. There should be a way to add information how existing APIs use Web concepts. This would optional, but then could be used for people to fork the repo, feed information about their own API landscape into it, and then they could instantly answer questions such as “which of our APIs are using the 451 HTTP status code?” (Issue 44 has been around for a while but has seen no discussion so far.)